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Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Running A Successful Neighborhood Kitchen!

    2. Review the Learning Objectives for this Course

    3. Get Help Here: Q & A

    4. Optional: Register for Continuing Education Credits

    1. Module 1 Overview

    2. WATCH: Zero Hunger by 2030

    3. WATCH: Love to Cook? We Need You!

    4. REVIEW: How a California Kitchen Operates

    5. REVIEW: San Bernardino Kitchen Inspection

    6. TAKE QUIZ: Commerical and Home Kitchen Requirements

    7. REVIEW: How Microenterprise Law Works

    8. REVIEW: Making an Impact as a MHKO Home Chef

    9. REVIEW: MHKO Requirements

    10. READ: First Food Responders, Chapter 8

    11. DISCUSS: Four Types of Kitchens

    12. WRITE: Module 1 Assignment

    1. Module 2 Overview

    2. WATCH: Food Safety, Food Security and a Hyper-Local Supply Chain

    3. REVIEW: First Food Responder Toolkit - 10 Food Safety Essentials

    4. TAKE QUIZ: Food Safety

    5. READ: Email from Inspector to Applicant

    6. DISCUSS: Inspector's Message

    7. TAKE QUIZ: Inspections

    8. READ: First Food Responders, Chapter 7

    9. Discuss: FFR vs MHKO

    10. WRITE: Module 2 Assignment

    1. Module 3 Overview

    2. WATCH: Feeding the Heart of the Community

    3. REVIEW: Food Hazard Analysis

    4. TAKE QUIZ: FSMA Food Safety Hazards

    5. READ: Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

    6. WATCH: From Battlefields to Farm Fields

    7. READ: Reducing Food Waste

    8. DISCUSS: Reducing Food Waste

    9. WRITE: Module 3 Assignment

    1. WATCH: Alexia & Joel talk about 23 Ingredients

    2. REVIEW: 23Ingredients Meal Planner

    3. READ: First Food Responders, Chapter 1

    4. WATCH: The Microbiome: More than Gut Health

    5. READ: Making Friends with Your Microbiome

    6. TAKE QUIZ: Health & Wellness

    7. REVIEW: First Food Responder Toolkit

    8. DISCUSS: Nutrition Analysis

    9. WRITE: Module 4 Assignment

    1. WATCH: Farm to Table

    2. WATCH: Hyper-Local Networks and Home Cooks

    3. DISCUSS: Wrap Up

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Continuing Education Credits Available

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Alexia Parks

Alexia Parks, founder and president of the social enterprise 23ZIP dba FirstFoodResponders, has been called “One of 50 people who matter most on the NET” by Newsweek magazine for her launch of, one of the first electronic democracy systems on the Internet, A UN Mentor to the Goldman Sachs/ Fortune #1 Award Winner "Most Powerful Women in the World" (2014), Alexia is an educator, a best selling author and keynote speaker.

Dr. Joel Rauchwerger PhD.

Dr. Joel Rauchwerger, former faculty at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, is a popular lecturer on preventative medicine, a scholar across many fields of science, and an athlete. He has had a lifelong interest in how to use fiber-rich, nutrient-dense foods and simple lifestyle changes to strengthen the Immune System and help prevent, reduce, or reverse many health and mental health problems. Dr. Rauchwerger is known for practicing what he preaches. He has not been sick, not even a common cold, in more than 50-years.

Patty Williams

Patty Williams, with 20 years of experience as an educator and ESL teacher, is also a small-business owner, and a 23ZIP Ambassador. In 2020, Patty joined us and became a microenterprise home kitchen operation (MHKO) in California. Now a co-instructor, she helps guide home cooks to success in becoming licensed and certified to run a micro-restaurant in their own home kitchen, or a nearby commercial kitchen.

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