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Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Applied Community Food Resilience!

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    1. Module 1 Introduction and Objectives

    2. WATCH: Sustainable Food Systems

    3. READ: Sustainable Food Systems

    4. Additional Resources: Sustainable Food Systems

    5. DISCUSS: Community Food Leaders

    6. DISCUSS: Supporting Food Sustanability

    7. TAKE QUIZ: Sustainable Food Systems

    8. WRITE: Module 1 Assignment

    1. Module 2 Introduction and Objectives

    2. WATCH: Food Crises and Solutions

    3. READ: Food Crises and Solutions

    4. Additional Resources: Food Crises

    5. DISCUSS: Unhealthy Food Production Methods

    6. DISCUSS: Poor Nutritional Density

    7. TAKE QUIZ: Food Crises

    8. WRITE: Module 2 Assignment

    1. Module 3 Introduction and Objectives

    2. WATCH: Community Food Resilience

    3. READ: Food Resilience

    4. DISCUSS: Community Food Leaders

    5. DISCUSS: Supporting Food Resilience

    6. TAKE QUIZ: Community Food Resilience

    7. WRITE: Module 3 Assignment

    1. Module 4 Introduction and Objectives

    2. WATCH: Food Equity

    3. READ: Community Food Equity

    4. Additional Resources: Food Equity and Access

    5. DISCUSS: Food Access

    6. DISCUSS: Health Equity

    7. TAKE QUIZ: Food Equity

    8. WRITE: Module 4 Assignment

    1. Module 5 Introduction and Objectives

    2. WATCH: Rating Your Community Food System

    3. READ: Rate Your Community

    4. DISCUSS: Community Food Access Points

    5. DISCUSS: Rate Your Community

    6. WRITE: Module 5 Assignment

About this course

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Continuing Education Credits Available

This course qualifies for Continuing Education credits through Colorado State University. Instructions for enrollment through CSU are available inside the course after registration. 

*additional registration and fees apply.

About This Course

This course is intended to give a practical overview of sustainable food systems with the intention of empowering educators from preschool through university in both arts and sciences to actively support resiliency-building food models in their community. 

Designed and geared to “train-the-trainers” this course invites educators, professionals, and activists in all sectors to create and implement a practical project related to their professional expertise in support of food resilience in their community.

Educators from a broad range of related fields of study are encouraged to apply, including but not limited to Health, Nutrition, Food Prep, Food Safety, Restaurant Management, Emergency Preparedness, Social Services, Workforce Development, Sustainable Business, Equity, and Cultural Inclusivity, Community Economic Support, Small Business Mentorship, Leadership Development, Farming Management, and Gardening, and more!


Juliana Delmonte

Innovative systems thinker with an M.B.A. in Sustainable Business, and a B.A. in Natural Resource Management and International Development focused for 20 years on high-impact projects in USA, South America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East in water, agriculture, green building, energy and social sectors. Currently, she serves as a 3rd Party Food Inspector for the US Food & Drug Administration, as Director of the 10TRAITS Institute focused on Food Research and Policy, and as Instructor for this Course & 2 others!

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